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Any Airport Car Hire Egypt can be ordered ahead of time from the major airports at Cairo, Sharm El Sheik and Alexandria among others. Sometimes considered part of the Middle East, The Arab Republic of Egypt lies in North Africa. The Sinai Peninsula is part of Egypt too and this reaches like a finger pointing towards the Middle East. Many tourists go to Egypt to see the amazing Pyramids of Egypt, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Book your car hire from Egypt’s airports as soon as possible.

Cheap Car Rental Egypt

Any Airport Car Rental Egypt is a good way to get around this hot and dusty country. Try to plan your trip between March and November unless you like stifling heat.

You may wish to consider getting one of our chauffeur driven vehicles in Egypt as the traffic can be quite crazy. You will be glad to know that all out vehicles come with waivers for collision damage. There is also a vehicle theft waiver though you will find crime rates to be low and the people to be friendly in this wonderful country.

Cairo should be the first port of call for anyone in Egypt and once you have seen the spectacular Pyramids don’t miss the Egyptian museum, the amazing mosques of old Cairo and the atmospheric river boat restaurants which dot the mighty River Nile.

Having a car allows you to escape the chaos of Cairo and go to beautiful places such as the temple towns of Upper Egypt and the Oases of the Western desert. One fine oasis is at Siwa.

The Red Sea is also a major draw for snorkelers and scuba divers as it has some of the most spectacular reefs. Travellers often choose to stay in Hurghada. In Luxor you will find your way to the magnificent Valley of the Kings and another more laid back city is Aswan. In Aswan you can see Lake Nasser which was created by the Aswan Dam. 
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