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See the cities of Cartagena, Bogota and Cali with Any Airport Car Hire Columbia. Whether you want to explore the Caribbean Sea or the North Pacific coastline we offer excellent vehicles so you can get out and about. Colombia was named after the famous explorer and discoverer of the New World Christopher Colombus and so why not indulge your sense of adventure with low cost car hire and unlimited mileage?

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Car Rental Columbia is a safe and reliable way to travel. Colombia is not as dangerous as it used to be and more and more visitors are going to this South American country. We can offer you automobiles such as the VW Golf five door, the Peugeot 106 and the Renault Kangoo. To find great deals on such cars we check the prices of companies such as Discount, Easycar, Enterprise and Goldcar.

Colombia is a beautiful and varied country with many different landscapes and climates. The south is subtropical as the country lies on the Equator, Bogata the capital is temperate and there are also areas of extreme heat to the west and cool in the heights of the Andes Mountains. The highest point in Columbia, Pico Cristobal Colon named after Christopher Columbus is a towering 5775 metres. Therefore you should always plan your trips carefully and consider what kind of automobile you need for the journey. For instance there are snow covered peaks in the Cocuy National park which may be best navigated by a vehicle which has snow chains. In the rainy season many roads which were passable become impassable and journeys can be hazardous. When travelling in Colombia always make sure you are not heading for areas where drug cartels and guerrillas are known to operate. Speaking some Spanish is definitely advisable and if you have any fancy watches or clothes which make you look rich then leave them at home. If you are picking up car hire Colombia in the capital Bogata then a good time to go might be to coincide with the world's largest Iberoamerican theatre festival. If you want to collect your vehicle from Barranquilla then you must go in February to see the spectacular carnival celebrations. In terms of festivals Popayan has the world's second largest Easter festival. If you plan to go diving Colombia has some spectacular places including the Isla Gorgona nature park.

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