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Any Airport Car Hire Brazil gives you the right kind of vehicle for your trip. If you are planning to go off the beaten track onto gravel paths or explore the Amazon during the rainy season you are definitely advised to rent a four by four vehicle. We also offer sports utility vehicles like the Ford Escape and the Toyota Hilux pick up which have plenty of room for your belongings or equipment.

Cheap Car Rental Brazil

Any Airport Car Rental Brazil lets you see the many varied regions of this incredible country. To the north there are the Amazonas areas such as Roraima which still has a large Indian presence, places such as Rio Grande Do Norte are mostly dominated by black Brazilians and this area has some of the most stunning beaches while the south of the country is mostly flat pampas ruled by cowboys or gauchos.

Car hire Brazil will definitely be to your benefit in this huge country. Of course it is difficult to mention Brazil without talking about its world famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the amazing success and style of the national football team, or the fact that large parts of this Portuguese speaking South American country are covered in beautiful rainforest. One effective way to get around Brazil is with a Brazil air pass which can take you between the major airports. There you can pick up cheap cars through us in order to explore world renowned sights such as the Iguacu Falls, or the beaches in the north east of the country. Brazil has a huge network of roads, some in better condition that others. Remember that if you encounter problems such as the car running into a pothole and you need assistance we can send mechanics out to you as part of your rental contract. The only rules for driving in Brazil are that there are no rules so you are advised to drive very defensively. Some good tips for the road are to keep your doors locked at traffic lights and watch for people trying to box you in - car jackings are unfortunately not uncommon. If a driver in front flashes his left signal on a straight road he may be warning you not to pass for some reason. Brazilians drive on the right hand side of the road. Always keep a good map and plenty of water in your car.

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