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Car Hire Australia is a cheap and reliable way to get around this huge country (which is a continent on to itself). Not only that but you will often have wide open roads and spectacular scenery. This is a country in which the road trip dream is very much alive. The distances between the major airports in cities such as Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane is immense and so having a car is the best way of getting about. Book today before our most popular cars sell out.

Cheap Car Rental Australia

Cheap Car Rental Australia comes with free breakdown assistance so that you don’t have to worry about getting stranded in the outback. Our unlimited mileage offer lets you travel huge distances without having to pay any extra and you can even pick the car up at one Australian airport and drop it off at another town, city or airport at no extra charge. If this is convenient for you ask our friendly staff about it.

Canberra is the capital city of Australia, but although the government is located here, Sydney is south eastern Australia is in fact that largest and most cosmopolitan city. Melbourne is an exciting city which hosts many great sporting events including the Gold cup horseracing, the Grand Prix and the Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament.
Perth is the most isolated city in the world cut off as it is out on the west coast of Australia. Cairns is an exciting city where there is a lot of opportunity for extreme events and there is a rainforest and of course the Great Barrier Reef there. The Barrier Reef is vast (the only living organism which can be seen from space) and is wonderful place to go snorkelling or diving.

Much of Australia is desert though and prone to bad droughts. Australia is so big that there are different time zones across the country, check the time zone according to which state you are visiting.
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