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Antigua could be considered a small island in the Caribbean at only 108 square miles but without a hire car it’s not going to be easy to make the most of your time there. The cost of car hire is often a stumbling block for travellers but our prices mean that car hire becomes a value for money essential rather than an expensive luxury. We supply car hire from the airport so as soon as you arrive you’ll have a convenient way to get about without having to rely on public transport and at a surprisingly low price

Cheap Car Rental Antigua

Booking with us will ensure a car is waiting for you to collect it when you arrive at Antigua’s main international airport; V C Bird International. If you’re staying in the capital, St Johns, you’ll then only have a five mile journey lasting about ten minutes to get you there.

Antigua is mainly about cricket and the beaches and even if you don’t like cricket or understand it, you really ought to take the time to see a match. You’ll see some of the world’s greats playing for the local teams and enjoy what is a party atmosphere at the matches. It’s also the best way to get to know the very friendly Antiguan people.

Using your Antigua hire car can also get you to Nelson’s Dockyard, a historic location where, as the name suggests, ships were built and repaired in the time of the great admiral to enable England to control the Caribbean. Today it’s a marina as well as a national historic site and if you get tired of the beaches you know that it’s only a short journey away in your Antigua hire car.

Whilst the beaches are fabulous, it’s underwater where the real gems of the island can be found. Your Antigua Airport hire car can only take you so far but take your scuba gear in your car or hire a set from one of the many dive schools and an underwater paradise awaits you.

Finally, visit Antigua in late July and you’ll be in time for the island carnival. It’s almost obligatory to decorate your vehicle with flower garlands and play Caribbean rhythms at full blast from your stereo to show you’re joining in the fun.

So, hiring an Antigua hire car from us at Any Airport car hire seems like it’ll open up a whole world of fun and adventure, so what are you waiting for, go ahead and book with us today for great rates on great Antiguan car hire.

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