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Any Airport Car Hire Algeria is necessary to see as much of possible of what is the second largest country in Africa. One place worth visiting in the south of Algeria is the Tassilli National Park. Why not choose one of our low cost sturdy four by four vehicles to drive here, preferably with a guide, and then park up to take the rest of your tour on a camel?

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Any Airport Car Rental Algieria keeps you safe and saves you having to haggle with taxi drivers. You should check out what the various visa requirements are before entering Algeria and likewise look at our terms and conditions before renting. Make sure that you have a valid driving licence and are the right age to rent cars in Algeria. US citizens have to pay $100 for a visa to enter Algeria but you can save money on car hire.

The North African country of Algeria is huge and has borders with the Mediterranean Sea to the North while much of the southern part of the country is taken up with the Sahara Desert. There is also the inland mountain range of the Saharan Atlas plateaus. Algeria is a semi presidential republic where the main languages are Arabic, French and Berber. Although Arabic is the main language you may find it quite different from the Arabic spoken in places such as Egypt. The main religion in Algeria is Islam and visitors should always be mindful and respectful of the religion. This includes taking off your shoes in certain places like mosques while women should dress conservatively. There is some political strife in the country and you would be advised not to bring these subjects up in conversation with the locals. If you are flying to Algiers international airport you will find connecting routes with most Europe countries as well as the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. Enquire with our representatives if you are hoping to take Any Airport Car Hire Algeria across border, the country lies next to Tunisia, Niger, Mali, Morocco and Libya. The only really safe border is with Tunisia, while the Moroccan border is totally closed. Care should be taken before attempting any journeys and local and consular advice sought. Algeria has been subjected to terrorist incidents in the past. While in Algeria be sure to try some of the delightful food with specialities being cous cous, tajine stew, and the Taguella bread of sand which is a nomad specialty.

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