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Albania regularly features on the list of top places to visit in Europe, mostly because until recently it wasn’t open to overseas tourists. Realising the lure of the country to the tourist euro and pound, it’s opened its doors and is encouraging people to visit before it all gets too westernised. The country isn’t huge and with the difficulties and time it takes to get between domestic airports you’ll find it far easier to fly into Tirana International Airport and hire a car there to see the sights of the nation. We can arrange for you to collect a car at Tirana International Airport when you arrive. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of vehicles and pre-book yours as well as any helpful extras you may need. If you are going out of the cities, a 4 x 4 is recommended as in many places the roads aren’t too special. We’ll also supply it to you at the lowest possible price and give you an exceptional standard of customer service.

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There’s enough in Tirana, the capital to occupy you for several days. Begin with the National Museum which is in its own way a national apology detailing as it does the tyrannical reign of Enver Hoxha and the horrific treatment of the people in its labour camps. Pyramida, a building originally intended as the museum of the life of Enver Hoxha, is now a brighter and more enjoyable place to visit, hosting exhibitions of art and photography. Outside the city you’ll find mountains and forests as well as several of Albania’s ski resorts.
Driving your hire car south from Tirana, you’ll come to Berat, a city which is a UNESCO Heritage Site. The city is reputed to be the oldest in Albania and its castle still houses many people who live within the protection of its walls.

Gjirokaster, even further south is a beautiful city with Ottoman inspired architecture that reminds one of Turkey and the Middle East. Again UNESCO has protected the city which was also the birthplace of the once revered leader Enver Hoxha.

Pogradic, on the shores of Lake Ohrid is a couple of hours away from Tirana Airport by hire car. It’s an attractive town that is gaining popularity on the back of its neighbours across the lake in Macedonia.
You need to see the traditional Albania before it’s too late, before everyone takes the advice of the travel guides. A hire car is a great way to get around so consider booking one with us for collection at car hire Tirana Airport.

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