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Car Hire Harare Airport

Getting around Harare and exploring Zimbabwe by bus can be very exciting but is also potentially dangerous to tourists. Common sense and perhaps your own mode of transport can reduce the risks you might face in this magnificent but desperately poor country. At Any Airport Car Hire, assistance is on hand to advise you which is the best car hire option to take. If you’re simply visiting in Harare, a standard hire car will suffice. If travelling around the often poor road network then you may need to consider a four wheel drive vehicle. Zimbabwe is not the kind of country where you should splash out on a luxury convertible for obvious reasons.

Cheap Car Rental Harare

As well as offering advice on the most suitable car for your journey, you’ll also find we offer the best prices for them. At Any Airport Car Hire, our aim is to bring you the cheapest rental prices for car hire at Harare Airport but match it with unrivalled peace of mind and great customer service. We also offer a range of optional extras you can choose from on the booking page should you require child car seats, a roof rack or more.

Harare Airport Guide

Harare International Airport is the main airport serving the capital of Zimbabwe and also used to be its main international airport until the troubles of the last two decades. Few international airlines fly directly into Harare with BA’s flight from Heathrow landing at Johannesburg before continuing the journey, if safe, into Harare. An easing of tensions between Zimbabwe and the international community will see KLM resume its flight from Amsterdam to Harare later this autumn giving travellers from the UK an alternative to the BA – Johannesburg route.

The airport is only a couple of miles outside the city and buses, taxis and a range of private transfers can get you to your hotel in varying shades of comfort and safety. It’s almost always a better idea to collect a hire car from the airport to continue your journey but you would still need to be sure of your route and confident of driving in Zimbabwe.

Harare is developing a pride in the buildings of its colonial past and a reverence for its history. A number of colonial buildings have been preserved including the Mining Pension Fund building and the Queen Victoria Museum. Pride of place in its offerings to tourists are the National Archives which hold thousands of documents from the time when it was Rhodesia, including many signed by the important people of the day including Rhodes and Churchill.

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