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Car Hire Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

Any Airport Car Hire Gothenburg Landvetter Airport comes with the great benefits of complimentary breakdown assistance, an unlimited mileage offer and complete insurance. We allow you to rent cars, whether they are for business or holiday trips, at reasonable rates. From just 99 Euros per week you get all the taxes and charges included in the low rate. So just click your mouse and you'll be surprised at the quote which comes up.

Any Airport Car Rental Gothenburg Landvetter Airport is good for going off road with four by four cars like the Jeep Wrangler.

Cheap Car Rental Gothenburg Landvetter GOT

Any Airport Car Rental Gothenburg Landvetter Airport is the number one website for people who are looking to hire a cheap car. We are conveniently located at all the biggest and busiest airports in the world including Gothenburg Landvetter Airport in Sweden. Our service is always on demand but because demand is so high you shouldn't take any chances and book well ahead. That way you will get the model of vehicle you require.

Gothenburg Landvetter Airport Information

Serving the Gothenburg region of Sweden, Gothenburg Landvetter is an international airport which is very busy. Almost four and a half million passengers use the airport annually. That makes it the country's second largest airport after the airport in the capital. Gothenburg Landvetter international airport has the unique airport code GOT and it is run by the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration. Any Airport Car Hire Gothenburg Landvetter airport is excellent value, particularly when you consider that it will be needed right at the beginning of your journey as the airport is some 20 kms outside of Gothenburg in the city of Landvetter.

When you are booking your flights don't confuse Gothenburg Landvetter airport with Gothenburg city airport, even though we have cars at both. This two terminal airport deals with both domestic and international flights. The international passengers make up some 75% of the total passenger numbers. Routes are numerous including City Airline flights to Birmingham, Helsinki, Lyon, Manchester, Nice, Prague, Tallinn, Visby and Zurich. Even if you are only travelling in Sweden you have to use the international check in as this is where the baggage is screened.

Gothenburg Landvetter airport has been open since 1977. Once you have picked up a car you may want to get one of our handy Global positioning systems to guide you around. These can be prebooked too. If you have GPS then the coordinates map latitude 012.17.28 east and map longitude 57.39.36 north can be used to find the airport.


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