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Car Hire Rabat Airport

Car Hire Rabat Airport is ideal for singles, couples, families and executives going to Morocco on business. Therefore we try to cater to a number of different needs. When you reserve ask our staff about what kind of optional extras we have. There are child seats for young ones, baggage racks for those who need more storage capacity and even ski racks if you plan to head to the Atlas Mountains.

Any Airport Car Rental Rabat comes with the latest modern features.

Cheap Car Rental Rabat RBA

Choose convenient and inexpensive vehicles with Any Airport Car Rental Rabat. Although not the biggest city in Morocco, Rabat is the capital of the Kingdom. Yet it has quite a small international airport serving it. That makes it easy to find our car hire offices which we run at the terminal through major companies such as Sixt, Hertz and Avis. The best way to guarantee a car is to prebook.

Rabat Airport Information

Rabat Airport is also known as Rabat Sale Airport and it is located eight kms north/north east of Rabat on the Atlantic Ocean coast in the north east of Morocco. Rabat Airport is also a 90 kms drive northeast from Casablanca. The airport played a major role during World War Two as a base for the United States Air Force. Today it has a number of commercial flights. More than 300,000 passengers used Rabat Airport in 2008, despite the fact that the terminal only has one runway and one luggage conveyor belt. There are possibly future plans though to renovate Rabat airport and increase capacity.

The code for Rabat Airport is RBA and this can be used to recognise flights on arrival and departure boards. There are only a few flights which operate from Rabat Airport and they mostly go to France or former French colonies. Jet4U flies to Paris Orly, Royal Air Maroc flies to Agadir, Air France flies to Paris Charles de Gaulle, Buraq Air goes to Tripoli. Rabat Airport is a military and civil owned which is operated by the Office National Des Aeroports ONDA in Morocco.

Rabat Airport is located at map latitude 06.45.05 west and map longitude 34.03.05 north can be found using a global positioning system which is available to rent with all cars as part of our optional extras packages. Although driving in Rabat is not for the faint hearted car hire Rabat Airport is the easiest way of getting around.

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