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Puebla in Mexico is a city with just over one million people, small by some standards. However it is a place that displays its history proudly with the Amparo Museum showing pre-Columbian and Victorian artefacts, as well as the Biblioteca Palafoxiana which is home to 43,000 books. The Cathedral of Puebla is one of the most distinguished and recognisable places in the city and is often a local meeting place.  Reserve Car Hire Puebla Airport today.

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It is also a beautiful piece of architecture and it is worth spending some time to explore and enjoy this building. If you want to eat in Puebla, there are a host of restaurants available throughout the city, however you may instead choose to enrol in the well known Meson Sacristia Cooking school. Here you will combine sauces of local creation with better known traditional Mexican dishes and you can then impress your friends with your new founds skills when you return home.

Car Hire Puebla (PBC) is on hand to kick start your trip here by providing you with the means to fully explore this city. With Car Hire Puebla Airport (PBC) you can forget about public transportation and instead make your own way around this small yet fascinating city. Of course having one of our vehicles such as a Chevrolet, Toyota or Hyundai model makes your stay and journey here a lot more comfortable.

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We have an excellent service and a wealth of experience and what better than arriving at a country knowing you have help waiting for you. Our staff can answer your questions as well as proving a local map and a car.
Even if you are a large party, do not worry: we have on hand people carriers like the Chevrolet Suburban 8 passenger or similar. If you brought children, why not visit the zoo? The African Safari zoo is home to no less than 3000 animals all waiting for you to say hello. After the real Reptile House, check out the amphibian area known as The Valley of the Frogs. This street sells antiques of all kinds during the sunshine hours, yet turns into a lively place to spend the evening.

Car Rental Puebla Airport (PBC) can also help you to visit the Ballet Folklorica or the Church of Santo Domingo. Both are rich in tradition: while one pays its homage to God through its décor, the other pays respect to history through dance.If you are still looking for more in this city, then the Secret Convent of Santa Monica is an excellent place to reflect on the freedom of modern day life. Now a museum of religious arts, it was a secret convent in the nineteenth century.

All said and done, this is quite a fascinating city with many small places to explore. It provides a nightlife that, while not crazy and out of control, is enough to satiate a moderate hunger for the late hours.
Car Rental Puebla Airport (PBC) can help you enjoy your time here.

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