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Splashed with an abundance of Museums and old buildings like the Antiguo Palacio Federal, Monterrey is an interesting rock that many travellers leave unturned. Few who come here can explain the depths of the Grutus de Garcia, caves dating back fifty million years. Book Now For Car Hire at the Monterrey Airport.

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Monterrey Airport Information

Car Hire Monterrey Airport (MTY) does not have a fifty million year old history but it can greet you at the airport with a stunning car to help you reach such a place. We have a range of vehicles in our fleet which you can pick to suit the size of your party, then with full insurance and a map you are free to arrive in Monterrey without relying on public transport. Besides, public transport restricts your freedom and does not offer you the likes of the Ford Taurus or the Jeep Liberty. We have a whole host of vehicles waiting for your arrival in this unique country.

If concerts and parks tickle your fancy then an afternoon in the Alameda is perfect for you. This park is beautifully designed with a myriad of colours. It is also complimented with seductive live music. From violins to a full orchestra, you cannot get a more picturesque place to see nature and music blending for the pleasure of people. Then take a trip to the Barrio Antiquo. While it is not as historic as the legendary caves, here you can get a glimpse of this city as it once was, since little has been changed here. You will walk down cobbled streets that are tightly packed with small and homely cafes and shops while enjoying the stalls that also sell a host of trinkets and other items.

Should the Barrio be too small, why not wander into the Macroplaza, one of the largest squares in the world and liberally sprinkled with every shop, restaurant and bar you can imagine. It is easy to wander away the hours here and enjoy the people, the smell of the local food being cooked and the fantastic view of Mexico up close.

Car Rental Monterrey Gen Mariano Escobedo Airport (MTY) will help you reach these places or provide you the details to similar spots in and around this city when you choose to come here. While Car Hire Monterrey Airport (MTY) provides you with vehicles we also provide you with information. Maps are useful of course, but if you specifically want to see something that suits your taste, our staff will be on hand when you collect your car to point out where you might find such a place. Enjoy your trip with us and enjoy the many attractions of Mexico, whichever time of year you come.

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