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On a trip abroad you can try to save money by using public transport or walking or you might think that if you’re doing only one excursion it’ll be cheaper than hiring a car but many of our customers have proved time and again that the only way to get around on holiday and save money is to hire a car from us at Any Airport Car Hire. Our low prices, gleaned from a search of all the major car hire companies, mean that not only do you have the convenience of just turning the key and setting off but you’ll do so at the lowest available price.

Cheap Car Rental Tel Aviv SDV

Tel Aviv Airport car hire is easy to arrange online or if you’re a little old-fashioned, you’ll also find our telephone number online. There’s a wide range of cars available to hire at Tel Aviv Airport and all at surprisingly low prices. When you also find out that we include a comprehensive package of insurance for you, including 24 hour roadside assistance, you’ll know that we haven’t cut corners in other areas just to be able to offer the lowest price.

Tel Aviv Airport Information

Tel Aviv Airport is more commonly known as Ben Gurion International Airport and is Israel’s largest airport, not only serving Tel Aviv, but also the capital Jerusalem. It’s only ten miles from Tel Aviv and thirty from Jerusalem. Tel Aviv Airport car hire is undoubtedly the best way to get there for taxis are expensive and buses are often overcrowded and, with many stops, they take twice as long to reach the destinations.

There are three airlines that fly to Tel Aviv from the UK; BA and El Al fly from Heathrow whilst easyJet flies from Luton and Manchester. Many other European destinations are served by the airport including Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, some by budget carriers.

Tel Aviv is a great city in which to spend a few days. It has a growing reputation as a party city with wealthy Israeli’s cramming the bars and restaurants or by day, soaking up the sun on the attractive city beach. There’s a lot of biblical history there too with Jaffa, the old part of Tel Aviv from where Jonah set off on his ill-fated journey and where St Peter received the knowledge that separated Christianity from Judaism.
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